Areas of Work

NRDC India assists and advises organizations seeking to advance national and global climate goals through community-based solutions that prioritize public health and equity, create jobs, and boost resiliency. We have advised on pilot projects that offer the potential for tangible environmental and public health benefits. Once there is a strong proof of concept, these solutions can be brought to scale at the state level – with the goal of informing national policies, and unlocking the public investments needed to implement them. Our expertise falls within five interconnected focus areas:

Renewable Energy Growth and Access

To achieve and support India’s renewable energy targets, robust policies, creative finance mechanisms, and clean energy access are all needed. NRDC India advises partners that seek to advance clean energy policies, in alignment with the government’s objectives, and jobs, develop finance solutions and enhance village energy access – which in turn improves lives for poor communities and helps in fighting climate change.

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Cooling and Energy Efficiency

With rising temperatures and rapid urbanization, the need for cooling is growing in Indian cities. To help meet these challenges, NRDC India is advising stakeholders on optimizing refrigerant transitions in cooling equipment and strengthening appliance efficiency. NRDC India also provides expertise on passive cooling solutions such as cool roofs and better building design.

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Climate Resilience And Health

Rising incidence of climate disasters such as extreme heat and poor air quality are affecting communities that are highly vulnerable to climate change. NRDC India has expertise on designing city-led programs connected to national policies to build climate resilience to extreme heat and poor air quality.

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Clean Transportation

India, the world’s fifth-largest automobile producer, is also the third-largest oil importer. By transitioning to renewable-energy powered electric vehicles, the country can save billions on energy imports, drastically improve air quality in India’s cities, while combating the global climate crisis already impacting millions of Indians. NRDC India has expertise on designing programs connected to and aligned with national policies to advance electric mobility in rural and urban India.

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Climate Goals and Global Engagement

As one of the world’s largest economies with a large population vulnerable to climate impacts, India uniquely impacts and is impacted by the global climate crisis. India announced new climate goals that are significantly more ambitious than its Paris Agreement targets. Key goals are to meet 50 per cent of its electricity capacity through fossil-free sources by 2030 and reduce the carbon intensity of its economy to less than 45 percent within the same time period. India has also committed to achieving economy-wide net zero emissions by 2070. NRDC India advises stakeholders seeking to advance India’s climate leadership and global engagement.

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