Climate Goals and Global

As one of the world’s largest economies with a large population vulnerable to climate impacts, India uniquely impacts and is impacted by the global climate crisis. India announced new climate goals that are significantly more ambitious than its Paris Agreement targets. Key goals are to meet 50 per cent of its electricity capacity through fossil-free sources by 2030 and reduce the carbon intensity of its economy to less than 45 percent within the same time period. India has also committed to achieving economy-wide net zero emissions by 2070. NRDC India advises stakeholders seeking to advance India’s climate leadership and global engagement.

Climate Goals and Global Engagement Strategies


Advise stakeholders on spotlighting climate action, to facilitate mobilization of investment, demonstrate green technologies, and increase collaboration on climate solutions (in alignment with the government’s stated objectives).


Advise stakeholders on how to develop a strategy to increase climate finance and clean energy investment in India and other developing countries.


Arrange knowledge sharing forums with stakeholders to highlight best practices and locally relevant climate change solutions.

Climate Goals Publications

The Road from Paris: India's Progress Towards Its Climate Pledge 2022

Issue Brief | November, 2022
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Issue Brief | November, 2021
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Fact Sheet | February, 2017
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Greening India’s Financial Market: Opportunities for a Green Bank in India

Report | August, 2016
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Prior to 2023, Indian experts worked as consultants with NRDC, and their work was thus hosted on NRDC’s website

International Experts

Director, International Climate,
International Program

Policy Director

Senior Strategic Director,
International Climate, International Program

International Climate Finance Advocate,
International Program

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