Increasing prosperity through clean energy, public health, and climate change solutions.
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Our Work

NRDC India advises and provides solutions to organizations that are seeking to advance national and global climate goals through community-based solutions that prioritize public health and equity, create jobs, and boost resiliency. Our advisory work falls within five interconnected focus areas:

Climate Resilience and

NRDC India has expertise on city-led programs to build resilience to extreme heat and implement clean air policies, in alignment with the government’s objectives.

Renewable Energy Growth
and Access

NRDC India has expertise on how to advance clean energy policies, in alignment with the government’s objectives, assess jobs and skill requirements, develop financial solutions and enhance village energy access- which improves livelihoods for the most vulnerable and strengthens climate action.

Cooling and Energy

NRDC India advises and provides solutions to organizations seeking to advance affordable and climate friendly cooling for all. Our work focuses on passive cooling solutions such as cool roofs and better building design as well as optimizing refrigerant transitions in cooling equipment and strengthening appliance efficiency.


NRDC India advises organizations seeking to advance electric mobility in India's cities as well as villages by focusing on charging infrastructure, utility participation, and rural-electric mobility solutions.

Climate Goals and Global

NRDC India advises stakeholders seeking to advance global action on climate change.

How We Work

NRDC India advises clients looking to attain a healthier and more prosperous future for India, on how to deliver transformative solutions in clean energy, climate resilience, clean transportation and climate policy.

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Director, Renewables

Lead - Energy Efficiency
and Cooling

Our Partners

We advise on projects that offer the potential for tangible environmental and public health benefits. Once there is a strong proof of concept, these solutions can be brought to scale at the state level – with the goal of informing national policies and unlocking the public investments needed to implement them.


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