Renewable Energy
Growth and Access

To support India’s renewable energy targets, robust policies, creative finance mechanisms, and clean energy access are all needed. NRDC India has expertise on how to best advance clean energy policies, in alignment with the government’s objectives. Alongside that, NRDC India also works with stakeholders to study the opportunity for jobs in the renewable energy sector, develop finance solutions and enhance village energy access – which in turn improves lives for poor communities and helps in fighting climate change.

India Will Cut its Emission Intensity
by 33-35% of 2005 levels by 2030
India’s Installed RE Capacity (in Gigawatts) – Past, Present, and Future

Following India’s bold renewable energy targets announced at the Glasgow climate conference, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, has released a policy framework for developing and advancing Decentralized Renewable Energy Livelihood Applications. Decentralized renewable energy is often produced closer to the point of consumption and built as small-scale projects benefitting rural communities that do not have reliable access to the electricity grid. Growth in decentralized renewables will lead to a robust diversified green electricity grid and is key to meeting India’s non-fossil fuel electricity generation target of 500GW by 2030.

Renewable Energy Strategies


Advise government (at its specific request and interest), private sector and grassroots organizations to scale equitable clean energy and electric mobility programs in rural India.


Assist with developing clean energy jobs analysis.


Assist with developing innovative financing mechanisms to leverage private capital targeting underserved and emerging markets.

Renewable Energy Publications

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Prior to 2023, Indian experts worked as consultants with NRDC, and their work was thus hosted on NRDC’s website

Our Experts

Director, Renewables
Charu Lata is the electric vehicles and clean energy lead in India. She works at the national and state level to advance electric mobility policies and help in the implementation of the same. Her focus has been on addressing barriers to accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure across Indian cities. Charu’s work also focuses on improving access to clean and climate-friendly technologies in Indian villages with an aim to increase lives and livelihoods of rural households.
Research Associate, Clean Energy
Dhilsha Jubair A has over six years of experience in climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives with a focus on demystifying technology, promoting green livelihoods, and capacity-building women in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. Her work at NRDC India focuses on Distributed Renewable Energy technologies and its implementation in India’s villages.
Consultant, Clean Energy & Access
Srinivas Ehtiraj supports NRDC India’s projects on energy access and climate policy in India, focusing on village-level renewable energy plans.

International Experts

Senior Advocate, Climate
& Clean Energy Program

Senior Director, India, International

Director, Climate and Energy,
China Program

International Energy Advocate,
International Program

India Clean Energy Senior Advocate, International

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